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Below you will find stories of peoples' experiences using melatonin:


"I have tried several grocery store pharmacy melatonin products. They have never been consistent in assisting me sleep, although some products are better than others. They often come in a "herbal capsule" type of delivery system and when I swallow them they upset my stomach. I have since tried the Pure Rest and won't take anything else. It's just a tiny, fruit flavored tablet that dissolves under my tongue. When I am having trouble getting to sleep, I take 2 and notice within 10-15 minutes that I can drift off."

Not as tired now...working mom.

"My body's naturally rythym is that of a night owl, but unfortunately, as a busy family man and college teacher I can't be up till 3am every night! For years I had functioned on 4 hrs of sleep and eventually it's caught up with me. After using a pharmaceutical grade melatonin I can actually be asleep before midnight and feel refreshed in the morning to head to work."

No longer a night owl.

"I use this product already to help my daughter sleep because she has an over active mind so she can't just fall asleep on her own. Cause her mind goes wild about the time she stops moving so instead of putting her on a strong sleep aid like the doctors recommended I choose to use this natural product and it works great for me. I did notice though when using the food grade one that sometimes it doesnt work so I am glad to hear that there is a difference I didnt know about. "

Now Sleeping in Lethbridge



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