Low glycemic foods list

You have come here wanting to educate yourself about low glycemic foods or maybe you are checking out diet options.You may have heard they are healthier or can help you lose weight. Both are true because low glycemic foods do not cause your blood sugar level to spike then to crash back down. Low glycemic foods provide a source of energy over time and allow the blood sugar levels to vary less before and after eating. Nature has provide many low glycemic foods. They are not always obvious to us for example cherries taste sweeter to most of us then bananas so we would think that the banana would be the lower glycemic food however, the banana has a glycemic index of 58 while the cherries have a glycemic index of 22. To help you find low glycemic foods that will provide you with sustained energy and not spike your blood sugar levels we have a comprehensive list of foods and their glycemic index we would like to share with you. To be one step closer to a healthier you just filling the information below and we will send the list to your email with in minutes.


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